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Collar Necklace in metal with marble spheres


Collar Necklace with Seven Different Spheres
Collar necklace in brass with 3 small Paonazzo light marble spheres and 4 small red Verona marble spheres

These unique pieces are designed with extraordinary care.

Available on order; order takes a couple of days but please contact us for more information.

FiammettaV gave life to this extraordinary marble jewelry line: all pieces elude craftsmanship, passion, creativity, art and beauty. Creating through curiosity, and the never-ending search for innovation.
The Paonazzo variant is an extremely valuable marble; its peculiarity lies in the fine-grained ivory color, sometimes tends to be more beige and purplish red. The veins mark the material in a discontinuous and irregular way, with shades that vary from black to purple. Giving additional colour to the material, are more yellowish areas given by the presence of limonitic oxides and hematite.
Red Verona Marble is a variety of limestone rock which takes its name from Verona in Northern Italy.

Length: 50 cm
Weight: 100 gr

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