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Collar Necklace with A large Marble Sphere


Collar necklace in brass with 1 big red Levanto marble sphere
Available also in Alps green marble.

Available on order; order takes a couple of days but please contact us for more information.

FiammettaV gave life to this extraordinary marble jewelry line: all pieces elude craftsmanship, passion, creativity, art and beauty. Creating through curiosity, and the never-ending search for innovation. These unique pieces are designed with extraordinary care.

Length: 49 cm
Weight: 60 gr

Red Levanto marble, or simply Rosso Levanto, is a type of Italian marble with a red-purple color; it was already in use by the Romans for the construction of columns, floors and walls.

Green Alps Marble is quarried in the Western Alps, in Valle d'Aosta. The green shade makes it a suitable material for interior and exterior decorations. In fact, its dark green background, with light and dark shades and irregular veins that vary from white to yellow, make it extremely unique.

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