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Fragrance Diffuser Midi- Savana Collection (275 ml)


Diffuser from the Savana collection - a whimsical and colorful collection. Let yourself be transported into a wild world made of infinite shades and untouched nature.

The challenge arises from the courage to enter, not on tiptoe, but with a firm and sure step, into a distant and bewitching world. Flora and fauna of the savannah find space in a line that is not afraid to dare. The combination of rich shades gives each piece authenticity and charm, bringing you in an exotic and wild world, capable of making you feel contaminated by the unusual combination of strong and eccentric colours. The strength of those places hasn’t intimidated the beauty of a unique design that is unrivaled.

Made from Porcelain
Diameter 12x4.5cm; H17cm
Designed in Italy

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