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Set of 2 bracelets in brass and one red Verona Marble Sphere


Set of 2 bracelets in brass and with 1 small red Verona marble sphere
These unique pieces are designed with extraordinary care.

Available on order; order takes a couple of days but please contact us for more information.

FiammettaV gave life to this extraordinary marble jewelry line: all pieces elude craftsmanship, passion, creativity, art and beauty. Creating through curiosity, and the never-ending search for innovation.
Red Verona Marble is a variety of limestone rock which takes its name from Verona in Northern Italy.
6 x 5 cm
Weight_ 35 gr

Each piece is in a way unique (since each marble block is different in veins and shades) and handcrafted in Italy. Slight variations in shape, color and size are to be considered a guarantee of an handcrafted creation. Clean with water, natural soap and a soft cloth. Don’t put in the dishwasher and don’t use lemon, vinegar, wine or abrasive detergents.

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