Our atelier of Antique and Fine Furniture conservation carries out a variety of treatments which range from stabilizing surfaces to constructing missing piecess. Each treatment is tailored to the individual object, placing special emphasis on structural stability, historical faithfulness, and aesthetic appeal in order to ensure the preservation and functionality of the piece.

Repair and stabilization of furniture may range from the simple repair of a small crack or lost area of gilding to stabilization of a major joint or also reupholstering. Whatever the degree of intervention, the conservator uses materials and methodologies that both respect the original material and condition of the piece of furniture and ensure reversibility of the added materials. A regular inspection for insect attack is of paramount importance.

Unfortunately, if a piece of furniture is exposed to changes in humidity levels, it can shrink, warp, and those restricted from movement will crack and split. Veneers may lift, crack, and separate from the underlying structure. High humidity will result in many of the same problems and also encourage mould and the decomposition of fabric, leather, or other skins; and encourage microorganisms. Regular dusting and general maintenance, as well as vigilant actions to keep damaging insects away, are also paramount.