Upcycling furniture can be such an exciting process. This is very different to restoration of fine and antique pieces as here we don’t need to have a scientific approach, we can be as creative as we like.

However, first we do wear our restoration hat- we see the general condition of the piece. We inspect the furniture for insect attack and the overall strength of the piece. We check that it can be painted or sprayed and if the surface is ready to receive paint. We are open to discuss with you where you would like to put the piece and see how it will fit into your overall scheme and of course the use this piece will have. If for example the item is going to be put into your child’s bedroom we make sure the paints and any glues used have nothing toxic in its composition, Finally, we discuss colours, finishes, and physical changes like changing the legs or even removing them, adding wallpaper, canna d’india, hand painting it with flowers or birds… well the list is endless as you can imagine!

Upcycling pieces has the added benefit that we are being beneficial towards the environment because the act saves or removes materials from the waste system. Reusing waste without destroying it takes far less energy than breaking it down to be remade into something new. It also costs less then buying a new piece.

Many times these pieces become the focal point of the room and a topic of conversation with your guests.