Zartera specializes in the preservation of a wide range of fabric and fibre-based items which include tapestries, embroideries, flags, and ecclesiastical robes. We have professional conservators who have worked at length in the Vatican conservation laboratory and at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence amongst several others.

Most damage to textiles is age-related. Unfortunately, over time these artifacts may discolour, fade, darken, and deteriorate causing rips, tears and losses in the material. The conservator stabilizes the textiles using delicate stitching and conservation mounting, where applicable. In addition to stabilizing works, the conservator cleans textiles using appropriate methods and materials for the medium.

Following treatment, custom vitrines and displays can be designed by Zartera to ensure attractive and proper long-term display of newly conserved textiles. Items can also be boxed for long-term storage using conservation techniques and archival materials.