Zartera is the place to come to inject art into your life. Zartera originated on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta; a small yet unique archipelago, bursting with history and culture and surrounded by shimmering, crystal clear seas and ancient stone, illuminated by warm ochre sun.

With a background in conservation and art, founder Erika Falzon finds her inspiration in the beauty of sustaining nature and history. Years of living in the fascinating cities of Florence, Rome, Paris and Valencia with their imposing historical architecture and gorgeous palazzi have instilled in her a strong affinity for beautiful materials and value in preserving, restoring, and sourcing unique art, antiques and hand-crafted objects.

Its her passion for furniture, fashion, interiors and design, her appreciation of craftsmanship and her drive to revive the past into the future are the reasons why she created Zartera. It encapsulates her love for marrying the old and the new; for conserving ancient stories, retelling, and reliving them artera encapsulates different art virtuosities, curating interiors through the Gallery, Design and Restoration.

Erika has founded Zartera Gallery to handpick original, one-off pieces for our homes. Forever enamoured of furniture and its history, materials, textures and interior design, Erika is also intrigued about how things are created and come together.

She is fascinated by the evolution of styles through the centuries and feels these can co-exist, with the right curation, to tell one story…a story that continues through the person who purchases and ‘lives’ these pieces.

Zartera was born of years of preserving history through Erika’s restoration projects and injecting them with a fresh lease of life; of collecting unique furniture pieces; and now also the scouting for sublime handmade objects that celebrate the artisans and artistry behind them, as well as their fine and fun modernity. 

Zartera is a gallery of conversation pieces that can leave an impact in any space; where traditional crafts and techniques take on a contemporary, playful, creative and even practical twist.

Conservation & Restoration

Specialising in conservation and restoration of antique and contemporary works of art, Zartera brings together traditional methods and modern innovative techniques, ensuring that your precious pieces retain their original intended beauty.

The team at Zartera  is composed of international and local professional conservators, conservation scientists and art historians.

Through a combination of traditional methods and today’s advanced technology, Zarteras Boutique services continues the tradition of past masters with a reputation for a sensitive and critical approach to conservation and restoration. Backed by over twenty years of practice, the studio aims to restore the unity and integrity of each object of fine art through minimal intervention. Bespoke treatments are developed based on in-depth historical and technical art research.

Our services include:

Conservation and restoration treatments on stone; paintings on wood, stone and canvas; icons; polychrome sculptures and paper; antique and contemporary frames and gilded objects, furniture, textiles & tapestries.

Art historical research

Scientific investigation and authentication of artefacts 

Environmental monitoring of buildings & chapels

Fine art consultation both before and after auction

Advice on care for collections from basic home maintenance to environmental care and lighting 

Appropriate framing advice, with Zartera strong interest in history of artefacts and contextual setting and design we love to advice on what would suit both the painting and the room it will be placed in.