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Trussardi Casa: Greyhound Crystal Glasses - A Box with 4 Different Glasses



Made in Italy

Each object is made of 24% lead crystal, blown and ground by hand. Each creation is one of a kind thanks to skills passed down from one generation of craftsmen to another. A refined and elegant collection, designed and made with Made in Italy style and creativity.


To ensure the characteristics of the glass do not change over time, we suggest you proceed as indicated below. Do not place in microwave oven. Avoid thermal shocks and heat sources. Always wash by hand.

HAND WASHING: wash with lukewarm water and liquid detergent, keeping the glasses separate. Do not use abrasive materials. Rinse carefully and allow to drip dry upside down on a clean cloth. Dry by hand using a light linen or so cotton dish cloth.

WASHING IN THE DISHWASHER: only wash in a dishwasher using a special program for crystal glass and liquid detergent. Arrange the glasses upside down in the racks, being careful they do not touch each other as vibrations during washing could break them.

USING FOR THE FIRST TIME: before using the glasses for the first time, it is best to pour into them a solution of water and vinegar (50%-50%) at room temperature and leave them in the glass for 24 hours. Subsequently empty and rinse with hot water


- Water glass H. 9 (3 2/4”)

- White wine goblet H. 18,5 (7 1/4”)

- Red wine goblet H. 22 (8 3/4”)

- Champagne flute H. 24,5 (9 3/4”)

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