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Dessert Plate set of 4 By LaDoubleJ


Made in collaboration with the Italian porcelain greats, Ancap, this set-of-four dessert plates is crafted from fine porcelain with hand painted 18k gold trims. This mixed set of designs inspired by the sun's warm glow that washes across Andalusia in late Spring, created to bring a jolly jolt to your white china and plain table. Great for a gorgeous gift, these dessert plates do double duty, so snag a few for your salad course or dot around your home as a handy spot for keys or crystals as well.

- Italian-made fine porcelain
-Set of 4 mixed Sunrays print plates
-Each plate measures 20cm x 20cm
-Dishwasher safe
-100% Made in Italy
-Composition: 100% Porcelain


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