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Mami Collection; Room fragrance 250 ml - Aqua



This fragrance is a tribute to seduction and charm... The head opens with aromatic freshness: notes of Mint, Lavender and Sea Breeze. The heart of Jasmine Petals mixes with inviting Tobacco Leaves and Rosemary. The base finds noble touches of Amber, Pine Wood and Oak Moss accord

Mami Milano refills (available in the 250 ml as well as the new 50 ml size) are perfect for never running out of the scents of Palazzo. They are also a nice way to try all 12 fragrances, choosing the favorite one according to the mood and the environment in which the diffusers will be placed. The practical spray is perfect for those who love to intensify the scent.

Palazzo delle Fragranze was created as a new way of living and thinking home. Home is a place of existence: a space dedicated to relaxation, but also to working and leisure. A space that represents, welcomes and protects us. A space where moments and activities turn into intimate memories. Paying attention to room fragrances means creating different scented routines capable of enriching space and time. Lately aromachology, the science studying the effects of fragrances on the psyche is gaining ground. The relationship between olfactory molecules and our mental state is becoming a new way of wellness. This new collection of room fragrances is born precisely considering this discipline, with the aim of maximizing well-being and the quality of life indoors. In Palazzo delle Fragranze by MAMI Milano every room becomes part of a refined olfactory experience

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