Zartera Gallery

Painting; 'Movements' by Simona Cavaglieri


Simona Cavaglieri


90 cm x110 cm

oil on canvas

Simona Cavaglieri was born in Sassari on July 2, 1974, she trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo and Rome. The Mediterranean runs through her veins and pours massively into her canvases. An eclectic and engaging artist, she is above all a professional dancer. She danced with the company of Cinzia Cona (Palermo) and collaborated with the international company Studio Festi in Milan, dancing around the world. Although she has always dedicated herself to painting, since 2011 her
choice has become definitive. Her experimentation moves through a continuous search for balance between bodies and poses, between forces and thrusts. The subjects of her works are above all women and children full of strong expressive intensity that goes beyond the image itself, bringing out its true essence. It is a careful and investigative study on the motions of the soul and on how they manage to be made explicit through our body: the tension of the muscles, the swollen veins, the contracted face. It doesn't stop at the pure aesthetic aspect, there is an urgent desire to send a message, to capture an inner state and this is why the artist uses the gestures of the protagonists of her works to express intense emotions such as anger, fear, joy and love.

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