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Polpo Collection; 'Piovra' Pitcher


Piovra Pitcher is one of the pieces from the Polpo Collection.
"The enveloping elegance of the Polpo Collection may make you believe that the animal is really wrapping the decanter or climbing up the stem of the glass. Details are recreated with great precision in homage to these extraordinary creatures that inhabit the sea and act furtively without being seen."
"Octopuses in my opinion are among the most fascinating animals ever. I was struck by the elegance of these strange creatures and their intricate yet enchanting world. Their light movements create soft and complex lines, thus giving off an impressive natural strength and power. In fact, the sinuous arms that dance in the waters are also home to two-thirds of its neurons!"

Dimensions: w.13 d.17 h.26,5 cm
Materials: Borosilicate Glass
Note* Since everything is handmade the product that you will receive may be slightly different than the photos.

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