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Sculpture; 'Radicando 2' by Sonia Armellin


Radicando 2,


Grogged stoneware clay and wood. Sculpture handcrafted using the coil building technique, fired in a first bisque, and fired again following the Raku technique.

height 52 x width 24 x depth 18 cm

Unique artwork Public

"I find a deep meaning in working with raku. This journey teaches me to respect the passage of time, shows me how much attempts, evolution and persistence are essentials, just as we should be able to face life and all its surprises.

I create Raku ceramic sculptures, an ancestral Japanese technique closely linked to the Zen philosophy. The intuitive approach to the material allows me free access to tradition, through a minimal and symbolic interpretation of nature’s poetical forms. I always look for a balance in my sculptures, an essence between full and empty, light and shadows. I leave space for a total spontaneity in the composition of my creations, creating an emotional bond with the clay, and then letting myself being carried away by it, evolving through an intuitive and almost primitive process. The Raku technique that mixes together earth, fire, water and ashes involves me in a dance between the primary elements and leads me to accept the unexpected and the ephemeral. The result is a conscious collaboration between me and the matter, in an open creative practice, whose sculptures are always new and unexpected."

Sonia Armellin

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