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Tote bag; Big Mama Tote Bag Big Flower in Shot Cotton and Leather by LaDOUBLEJ


The mother of all totes, the Big Mama is an oversize beauty, made from shot cotton with a nubby texture. It has a fully printed exterior, fun contrast interior and chic leather handles. The Big Mama is also a big softie. While the exterior pocket will stash your phone, the unstructured design is ideal for beach towels, blankets, diapers, yoga stuff, pets! The best part is that it fits snugly against you when carried on your shoulder.

  • Measurement: 73cm x 40cm x 40cm(28.8 x 15.7 x 15.7 in)


  • 49% Cotton 1% Elastane 5% Calf Leather 45% Polyester

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