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Whiskey Decanter With Glasses & Chilling Stones Gift Set


A Collection For The Connoisseur

Tailored to appeal to whiskey lovers that appreciate life's finest things, our decanter glass set might just be the missing piece to your bar cart. Elevate your tasting experience or entertain guests when serving rare whiskies from our exquisite decanter carafe. The well-thought design reflects the mesmerizing amber colors of your favorite bourbon, brandy or cognac on the bottle's star-shaped pattern. A truly magical yet intimate voyage to complement with our best-selling granite whiskey chilling ROCKS.

Enjoy Whiskey Chilled At The Perfect Temperature

Your selected dram, cooled down and ready to taste the way master distillers intended it to be. Awarded & loved by thousands including industry experts, our stunning whiskey stones are a Connoisseur's must have.

Discover A New Whiskey Tasting Experience

Famous for our unrivalled & magnificent gift sets, ROCKS will make a perfect gift for the whiskey lover.

Decanter: 650ml, 22oz
Glasses: 250ml, 8.5oz


Length 40 cm

Width 40 cm

Height 12 cm

Weight 10.52 lb

Dimensions 40x40x12

Net weight 4.8kg

Materials Crystal glass

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